The Giants Didn’t Lose Because of a Check Swing

Photo: Harry How

The San Francisco Giants were clearly the victims of a bad call to end the NLDS deciding game 5 to the Dodgers but that wasn’t the reason they are currently on vacation. Their lack of offensive production hurt them much more and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Even without the bad call, it was unlikely that Wilmer Flores was going to suddenly figure out Max Scherzer considering he was hitting .091 lifetime against him. Regardless, it was an exciting game and Dan provides a recap of all the salient moments and takeaways from last night’s instant classic.

Dan Patrick: “The Giants didn’t lose because of a check swing, they lost because they scored 10 runs in 5 games and the Dodgers scored 18. That needs to be the overall picture here... It is a bad call, but this isn’t Barry Bonds of 1993 at the plate here, it’s Wilmer Flores. Bad call, but that’s not the reason why the Giants lost.”