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Dolphins Considering Deshaun Watson Proves How Much of a Mess They Are

Photo: Christian Petersen

Joy Taylor: "I don't understand how, as an organization, you are having a real conversation, at this point, with the information we have about Deshaun Watson, in this situation. Which is essentially nothing. We know about the suits, we know about the criminal investigation, we don't know anything about whether he is going to be available to play. You have complete unknowns, and you're willing to trade the farm, bail on Tua, essentially saying that you messed up last year's and this year's draft, cause you had an opportunity to draft another quarterback and not even have the conversation about the drama surrounding Deshaun Watson. Now you're talking about trading everyone and picks to get Deshaun Watson who, best case scenario for Deshaun, has terrible judgement. Worst case scenario, he never plays in the NFL again. And I'm supposed to take this situation seriously? You are literally making no sense. It is such a massive risk to bring in Deshaun Watson at this point."

Joy Taylor rips the Miami Dolphins for considering trading for Deshaun Watson. Joy explains why the Dolphins poor treatment of Tua Tagovailoa's development since the day he was drafted has led them to pursuing a ridiculous risk with morally reprehensible repercussions. Joy believes Tagovailoa has yet to get a fair look as QB for the Dolphins, and that Miami had much better opportunities to pursue alternatives prior to now, but resorting to Deshaun Watson shows they are getting desperate and reckless.