Why the Seahawks Need to Get Rid of Pete Carroll ASAP

Colin Cowherd: “I can think two things at the same time – I can think Pete Carroll has been great for the Seattle Seahawks and I can simultaneously think ‘hey, maybe it’s time to go.’ The reputation for Pete has always been he runs white-hot, and then he burns people out. He did that in New England, did it at USC, and I think he’s been doing it in Seattle… After he won a Super Bowl in Seattle, and this happened to Belichick in New England, he got more power, and then when the late great Paul Allen passed away, Pete got ultimate power. I don’t like my coaches to have too much power. I like Pete Carroll and Belichick but STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAFT, let the GM do that. Belichick post-Tom Brady is starting to percolate now. Sean Payton post-Drew Brees is 4-2. Mike Tomlin, as Big Ben has aged or been hurt has never had a losing season. Pete Carroll has never won in the NFL without Russell Wilson. It doesn’t mean he can’t coach, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t great at USC, doesn’t mean he won’t go to Canton – I like Pete. But I’ve been asking this as Pete has gotten more and more power: what does Seattle do well that’s not directly connected to Russell Wilson? The last five first-round draft picks, no Pro Bowlers, no hits, and two busts. The four drafts Pete has had a huge influenceon they just have two hits – DK Metcalf and a punter. My people in the industry that I’ve known for years that I’ve always used for sources always say the same thing – ‘Seattle’s drafts are weird because the coach has too much power.’ I like Pete, but you’ve watched the last two weeks without Russell Wilson – it’s unwatchable. Twelve years is a long time to be in one place. It doesn’t mean that he’s not a legend, but when they made that move for Jamal Adams that was Pete Carroll. Two firsts, a third, and a player for a box safety?? That was a ‘Legion of Boom’ Hail Mary and trying to throw money at a lot of mistakes, and that’s a bad sign for any business. I’ll tell you this right now and I believe it, Russell Wilson will not be in Seattle in two years if Pete is there. He’s worn out and he’s exhausted. I can think he’s a legend, and also think ‘it’s time.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Pete Carroll’s career with the Seahawks will soon be at a crossroads, as Colin doesn’t believe Russell Wilson will remain with the franchise for much longer if Carroll stays on as the head coach.

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