Dan Snyder Already Lost His Pound of Flesh

Photo: Rob Carr

Calls for the details of the Washington Football Team investigation resulting from the leaked emails of Jon Gruden are rising and many are screaming for complete transparency and more consequences for owner Dan Snyder. But Snyder has already faced consequences over backlash against his franchise, including changing the team name, getting rid of his entire front office, stepping away from operations, and paying $10M. Doug wonders how much will be enough? How much more than the pound of flesh that’s already been taken will satisfy his critics? Doug accepts Roger Goodell’s statements regarding the privacy issues that preclude the release of those email communications and believes it’s time we all move on.

Doug Gottlieb: “(Dan Snyder) had to change the football name, he had to get rid his entire front office, he also, by the way, fired his coach, he had to step down and put his wife in charge, and they paid $10M. I don’t know how many pounds of flesh you need...”