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There Is Still Time for a Deshaun Watson Trade

Photo: Carmen Mandato

With tomorrow’s NFL trade deadline looming, there is still a slim hope of getting a deal done. Dan quotes his always reliable sources and updates us on the remaining possibilities surrounding Watson’s legal troubles and his chances of playing this season.

Dan Patrick: “My source said that the Dolphins are asking the NFL if they can talk to Deshaun Watson. They want to know if he’ll settle those civil cases. You still have the other ones where criminal charges could be filed. I was also told that Deshaun Watson would not be suspended if he went to the Dolphins or Carolina and you might be looking at a six-game suspension next year... I asked my source and he said, ‘There’s too many legal hurdles.’ Now, he can still be traded by tomorrow. From what I’m told though, it borders on impossible to try to trade Deshaun Watson right now.”