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Why Sean McVay Looks Desperate and Self-Serving Trading for Von Miller

Chris Broussard: “I think the Von Miller trade was a good move for the Rams and I think this puts them even more so in the Super Bowl mix.”

Rob Parker: “I’m not so sure it does. The NFC is stacked with about 5 or 6 teams at the top and I don’t think the Rams jump to the top of list with the Von Miller trade. Does it hurt them? No, it doesn’t ‘hurt’ them, but I don’t think they’ve moved anywhere or moved anyone out of the way. I get it, you want to win – do anything you can, but you can’t give up all your draft picks and put yourself in a bind. If it doesn’t work out and you don’t win, this franchise will be in ruins for years to come. If they win I’ll admit that they were right, but I’m a little leery of a coach like Sean McVay who has to prove that he was the ‘boy wonder’ and he’s going to win under any circumstances because he’s got to prove that he was the ‘genius’. Forget that he was undressed by Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl, and ‘OH NO, IT WAS JARED GOFF’S FAULT!’ Now Matthew Stafford is the ‘Messiah’, now Von Miller is the next messiah. They’re going to do whatever it takes, even if they deplete all their draft picks. If it works then it’s worth it, but I’m a little concerned that you’re giving the keys of the store to a teenager who might crash your car because HE’S so desperate to win and so desperate to prove that HE is ‘that guy.’ Not everyone needs a stacked deck to win if he’s really ‘that guy’ or ‘that coach’… I’m skeptical of McVay trying to ‘prove a point’ at all costs.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the Von Miller trade to the Los Angeles Rams, as Rob thinks the trade might be more about giving in to the self-serving desires of Sean McVay trying to win his first Super Bowl and live up to his immaculate billing, than actually trying to set the team up for current and future success.

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