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Aaron Rodgers Has Put The Packers Under A Microscope

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: "Aaron Rodgers, in his mind, may have thought 'Hey, this holistic approach raises my antibodies, and I'm gonna be protected.' I do believe in his mind he thought 'Hey, I've done the research, and this is what I think is gonna protect me.' Okay. It didn't. Now, everything is in play. Rodgers can be fined for this from what I've told, but the Packers are probably, as an organization, gonna be under the microscope here. My source said, you gotta look at what the Packers knew, and did they just not want to say anything to Aaron Rodgers?"

As the fallout from Aaron Rodgers' positive COVID-19 test, which will at least keep the QB out for the Packers pivotal match-up with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dan Patrick wonders what kind of issues the organization may face beyond the field after it's been revealed that Rodgers has essentially been lying about his vaccination status and seemingly skirting the NFL protocols for unvaccinated players during the season.