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Odell Beckham Jr.'s Career is Being Derailed By Relationship Struggles

Photo: Jason Miller

Jason Smith: “Why is 29-year old Odell Beckham Jr. unable to be happy? Whether it’s New York or Cleveland, two places where he was in a good situation and had everything going for him, he just can’t find happiness. In my opinion, Odell is just not good with relationships. In all walks of life, relationships are a crucial ingredient in finding success and happiness. The Giants reached a point where their relationship was so bad, the team had to make a decision, and let him go. Same thing is happening now in Cleveland, and they’re moving on. Odell is a lone wolf, which is fine, but at some point you need some friends.”

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Browns announcing they will be releasing WR Odell Beckham Jr. Jason believes Odell’s career has been derailed by the fact that he is bad at relationships.