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The Real Problem with Aaron Rodgers' Interview with Pat McAfee

Photo: Christian Petersen

Rob Parker: “This is what happens when friends interview, and when players interview other players. There’s no real journalism going on. Now, I’m not saying everybody has to be a journalist to do these jobs, but you let down the listener when you don’t follow up and don’t ask the questions we need to know. Aaron Rodgers needed to be pressed, and he wasn’t. As a listener we were cheated with this interview. Pat McAfee should’ve been asking why he thinks he’s better than the protocols every other player in the league has been following. I’m not trying to be highbrow, and say that Chris and I are better than everybody else because we went to journalism school and are journalists by trade. But you would be afraid to live in this world, if you continue to allow friends, people who share agents and mutual interests interview each other. We’ve stopped guests we’ve had on this show, and challenged them on things they’ve said. It would be a disservice to the listener if we didn’t press them because the free press’ goal is to make sure people are honest and true to what they’re saying.”

Listen to “The Odd Couple’s” Rob Parker explain why former NFL punter Pat McAfee’s interview with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was a complete disservice to the listeners, and what McAfee could have done to change that.