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Forget the Politics; Aaron Rodgers Is Costing His Team on the Field

Photo: Del Rio_20

The Green Bay Packers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs while Aaron Rodgers sat out due to a positive COVID test. All of the attention has been on whether Aaron Rodgers lied, how the Packers and/or NFLPA have mishandled their COVID response, and all of the political machinations that have developed since Rodgers defended himself, asserting that he is following Joe Rogan’s advice. Dan Patrick sets aside all of the controversy and focuses on the ramifications on the field. He reminds us that, as it stands, Jordan Love is set to start next week for the Packers against a tough Seattle team and that doesn’t bode well for the Packers’ chances.

Dan Patrick: “Aaron Rodgers said what he said on Friday, that’s what he believes...In his mind, he probably thought that he was vaccinated, in his mind. And, turns out, in his mind, he thought that he was safe. OK, now I have to look at the football fallout. Whatever you want to talk about with Aaron Rodgers, it’s become political. I don’t want to make it political. I make it about football. Aaron Rodgers is still not looks like Jordan Love is going to play against Seattle.”