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Here is What Colin Cowherd Said About Jordan Love's First Career NFL Start

Colin Cowherd: “I didn’t go in with great expectations with Jordan Love, I said 20 of 29, no TDs, no interceptions, run the offense… Jordan Love had 18 months in one of the best etiquette schools in the NFL. Matt LaFleur is really good, the Packers offensive line is really good, he has two excellent running backs, a star receiver, smart system, and that was wildly underwhelming. You cab tell a lot about the player based on how the opponent attacks him and how the coaches call the plays. Green Bay coaches didn’t trust Jordan Love after 18 months in that system with THOSE players around him, and Kansas City coaches did not respect him. People haven’t blitzed Tom Brady in 15 years, and I’m not saying Love is Brady, but they didn’t worry at all about being burned. That’s OK for Justin Fields because he’s being inserted into the starting lineup. Jordan Love has been there 18 months and I didn’t get a single ‘WOW’ moment. I get ‘WOW’ all over the field from Jalen Hurts. He can’t throw a deep ball, he’s got limitations, but when I watch Jalen Hurts I see production. When you watched that Green Bay game plan last night, that was training wheels stuff. Arm? He’s OK. Escapability? Eh, he’s athletic. Size? Seems good enough. Poise? Nah. Feet? Ehh. You gotta give me something, I was totally overwhelmed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss what he thought about Jordan Love’s first career start in the NFL, as the second-year quarterback made an emergency appearance at Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs on Sunday in the wake of Aaron Rodgers missing the game because of a positive COVID-19 test.

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