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The Same Old Matt Stafford Has Arrived in Los Angeles

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Rob Parker: "Here's what Rams fans should be asking themselves today: 'WHERE'S YOUR MESSIAH NOW??' For a guy who's never won a playoff game or a division, who struggles against good teams, we keep seeing THIS in big moments and big games from Matthew Stafford."

Rob Parker and TJ Houshmandzadeh, in for Chris Broussard, react to the Los Angeles Rams losing to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night of Week 9. Rob rips Matt Stafford for his poor performance in this game, highlighting his play as another example of Stafford crumbling against the best teams in the league. TJ pushes back on Rob, explaining why he believes his overall criticism of Stafford is too harsh and why he still sees the Rams as a team that will contend in the postseason.