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Aaron Rodgers Is Trying to Make Himself a Martyr

Photo: Sam Greenwood

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers responded to the myriad of critics calling him out for lying about his COVID-19 vaccination status and Doug Gottlieb isn’t buying it. His most recent remarks may have sounded like an apology but it was just Aaron trying to make himself out to be a martyr. He clearly thinks he is smarter than everybody else and is looking to shift the focus to how he is being treated by the media instead of taking accountability for his own actions.

Doug Gottlieb: “(Aaron Rodgers) doesn’t want to take back anything he said, anything he did...This is him being a martyr! ‘You’re all out to get me! This is why I lied, because you people can’t actually have a discussion about it.’ Yes, we can! You don’t call your friends, you don’t call Joe Rogan. You call immunologists!”