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Aaron Rodgers Outrage is Overblown

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

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Wednesday on 2 Pros and Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington discuss what's really upsetting people about Aaron Rodgers and his vaccination status. Is it more about him 'lying' to the media, he and the Packers not following protocols, or the punishment not being harsh enough? Either way, the guys explain why the outrage is overblown.

Brady Quinn: "What is the outrage about in your eyes? I've got three options for you. Is it about the fact that he lied? Is it about the fact that maybe he or the Packers weren't following protocols or do they feel like the punishment isn't harsh enough? Which one of those three do you think it is?"
LaVar Arrington: "I'm picking all of the above."
Jonas Knox: "I think it's mostly because they believe that he lied. I don't actually think that he lied, I just think that he knew how to get out of the question without giving a full blown lie. But, I say that with the over arching theme of; he's doing something different than they are and so people are upset at him taking a different approach."
LaVar Arrington: "They wanted him to pay for it too. The one thing you realize about our society is punishments are never enough, unless it's you. If it falls on you, you want the minimum punishment but when it falls on someone else, especially someone that you perceive to have it all, you want them to get slammed."
Brady Quinn: "You're penalizing a team that is about America basically because everyone has a piece in it, you can actually be a share holder of the Packers and yet you want that punishment to be harsher. Give me a break! It's the dumbest thing ever, people being outraged by anyone of the three, but thank God, because when he comes back, all we're going to talk about is Rodgers versus Wilson and I'm glad we can move on with our lives."