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Jason Smith: Pulisic is Primed to Take US Soccer on a Magical Ride

Photo: Brett Carlsen

Jason Smith: “Christian Pulisic for the longest time was talked about as the guy to be the next Landon Donovan, but because of injuries he sort of fell by the wayside. Now that he’s getting healthy, he’s who we’ve been waiting for. They’ll be talking about him on the national stage, maybe not on the same level as Messi or Ronaldo, but he will be mentioned as the face and driving force of soccer in the US. This is what Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria gave us: a young kid who loves the game and is great at it. There’s success on the horizon in the World Cup for the United States, and it’s all going to be because of Christian Pulisic.”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike reacted to the United States win over Mexico in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Jason Smith believes that Christian Pulisic is turning out to be exactly what US soccer was waiting for: a young talent who is going to receive attention on the national stage.