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Rob Parker: Lawsuit Proves Jon Gruden is More ‘Slimy’ Than We Thought

Photo: Ethan Miller

Rob Parker: “Jon, how about if you didn’t write the damn emails!? I get what you’re trying to do, which is scare the NFL into making a settlement, so they won’t release the other emails that are out there. How dare you, Jon Gruden? How about apologizing for the crap that you said about women, gay people, black people and everybody else you trashed along the way? How about the NFL not leaking anything if you had never said it in the first place? In journalism, someone has to read through all of this stuff to find a nugget, and someone found Gruden’s nugget. They found one about Adam Schefter as well. My point is, these are work emails, so I think if there was anything else to find that would be a fireable offense, it would’ve come up already.”
Ephraim Salaam: “Shame on him for speaking the way he did. I agree, he should have been fired. But, from a legal standpoint, he has a leg to stand on. These emails were leaked to the public, which does happen all the time, but his emails were the only ones out of 650,000 emails to leak out for the public’s eyes to see. He’s building a case because he’s lost his job. There’s something wrong in that regard.”

Listen to The Odd Couple’s Rob Parker and guest host Ephraim Salaam react to Jon Gruden filing a lawsuit against the NFL. Rob believes that this is a slimy move by Jon Gruden, but Ephraim believes Gruden legally has a leg to stand on for this lawsuit.