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Cam Newton Makes Carolina a Whole Lot More Interesting

Photo: Christian Petersen

Cam Newton signed with the Panthers on Thursday and scored touchdowns on his first two plays on Sunday as they pounced on the NFC leading Arizona Cardinals. Superman is back in Carolina and, although their chances to make the playoffs are still considered slim, having Newton back on the roster certainly improves their chances and definitely makes them a much more interesting team to watch.

Dan Patrick: “Didn’t take long for all those Cam Newton memories to flood back for Carolina fans, and most NFL fans as well. First play since signing last Thursday; Newton runs in for a touchdown. Second play; throws for a touchdown. He took off his helmet at one point when he got in the endzone and said, ‘I’m baaaack!’ And he got a penalty on the play but that’s not the point...We’ll see what Cam can do the rest of this year. He’s 32, only 32, but maybe he’s an older 32...All of a sudden the Panthers have become a whole lot more interesting.”