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The Jets are Failing at Tuning Out New York Media

Photo: Elsa

Jason Smith: "Robert Saleh listens to everything. The coaching staff listens to everything. They listen to all of the outside noise. This is why the Jets can't get out of their own way. This is how they operate, it's how they've operated for years. This is why I don't know if Robert Saleh is cut out to be a head coach, because he listens to too much outside stuff. And the product on the field is absolutely terrible. So when you put all of this together, what am I supposed to think? The Jets have been bad for a decade, and they're going to continue to be bad because they can't get out of their own way. You can fight one opponent, which is the other team, but when you're fighting you're opponent, and you're fighting yourself, and you're fighting the perception of the team in New York City, forget it, you're never going to win. And that's why the Jets suck."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Jets' decision to start Joe Flacco over Mike White in their Week 11 matchup with the Dolphins. Jason explains why this is yet another example of the Jets failing to get out of their own way, fumbling simple decisions and further sending the franchise in a downward spiral. Listen in as Jason breaks down why he believes Robert Saleh and the Jets coaching staff are listening way too much to the outside noise of the New York media.