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Sean Payton: "We Have To Reduce The Variables In Officiating"

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images North America

On NFL officiating:

Sean Payton: "Man I think, in a lot of ways, we've seen it happen each week with the officiating and that's the hardest thing to get past, when they're not up to speed maybe, or what happened to the Bears a week and a half ago...I hate getting to the point where it's expected, where you're numb. Those kind of things can happen, you know, and I look at that more from an overall leadership perspective and training perspective, those problems start at the top and not the individual crews...somehow we gotta reduce the variables."

On Saints upcoming scheduling:

Sean Payton: "It's unusual we play Thursday night Thanksgiving, then we flip around and play again at home on Thursday against the Cowboys. So we're gonna see the Eagles, then we're gonna see the Bills, then we're gonna see the Cowboys. That's three games in however many days, so I think part of being the head coach is just being smart in how much time we're on our feet and how to manage the practice schedule, those kinds of things."

Saints head coach Sean Payton joins The Dan Patrick Show to talk with Dan about the upcoming movie based on his year-long sabbatical from the NFL where he coaches a youth football team, what he learned about himself during his suspension from the NFL, on how his Saints team moves past a loss, his thoughts on officiating issues in the NFL, and more!