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The Media Doesn't Get Aaron Rodgers

The Media Is Behind Aaron Rodgers and the Toe-Troversy

Photo: Getty Images North America

On The Ben Maller Show, Ben dives into the Aaron Rodgers toe-troversy. After the MVP quarterback revealed his toe during a weekly hit with Pat McAfee in a jokingly manner, and said he had Covid-toe, a media member ran with it even though Rodgers was clearly joking. Ben thinks the media in general does not understand the quarterback and wonders if they ever will.

Ben Maller: "How did we end up in this situation, where Aaron Rodgers is involved in a toe-troversy?...Rodgers who's been in the spotlight for a little while now, knows how this game is played. Some bozo in the media took Rodgers seriously, which put the wheels in motion and we were off to the races that Rodgers actually had covid-toe..."

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