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Brady Quinn Paints the Picture from Ann Arbor as Michigan Beat Ohio State

Ohio State v Michigan

Photo: Getty Images

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn paints the picture for Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington of what it was like in Ann Arbor, as Michigan snapped their losing streak against rival Ohio State, including how he and the crew of Big Noon Kickoff handled the freezing weather.

Jonas Knox: "In order, who handled the cold from worst to best of the entire crew? Did you handle it better than anybody else?"
Brady Quinn: "I'd like to think so. I have to be honest with you, Rob Stone probably handled it as good as anyone because he had to speak the entire time... Reggie's jaw locked up. He tried to open his mouth one time and his body just didn't function. Coach Stoops didn't even put on some long johns...."
LaVar Arrington: "Coach Stoops' legs on the first day was the funniest ever. Them things was on the move"
Brady Quinn: "I felt so bad man, cause you don't get rid of that... I still don't consider anything I do really work. It's all fun. It's all play. That was cold. That was edging on, 'Okay this is a little more than I thought.'"
Jonas Knox: "What a scene that was. It played out so well on television."