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Steph Curry Has Arguably Caught Up With Kevin Durant as Best in the NBA

The NBA is in an interesting place as LeBron James reaches an accelerated age, and the most recent NBA Champions hail from Milwaukee, with the Phoenix Suns being the second-best team in the league with their loss in the 2021 NBA finals. Much of the guard, Rob Parker included, has already comfortably shifted to Kevin Durant as the best player in the league, especially after that big shot he hit in LeBron's face several NBA Finals ago. Have other players, however, risen to the occasion as the best? Giannis Antetokounmpo has made a massive name for himself and call it recency bias if you want, but he is the most recent NBA Champion and Finals MVP, so clearly, he should be the best player in the NBA right now, right?

In the video above, Chris Broussard opposes Kevin Durant as the best and argues for Giannis as the best player in the league. Chris also believes that Steph Curry belongs in the conversation as well. Here is a little bit of Chris and Rob's back and forth:

Rob Parker "Who would you give the ball, out of Giannis and Durant to get you a basket to win the game?"
Chris Broussard: "Of course, Kevin Durant but that doesn't mean he's the better player.
Rob: "He is the better player because the better player is the guy who's gonna get me that basket."
Chris: "Does he defend like Giannis?"
Rob: "He's a better basketball player than Giannis! He doesn't have to have everything that Giannis does."
Chris: "What does he do better than Giannis?"
Rob: "SCORE!!"
Chris: "Okay, what else?"
Rob: "How do you win games in the NBA? Do you win games by not letting people score or by scoring?"
Chris: "Ask Giannis because he just won a championship!"
Rob: "Ask Kevin Durant who just won two championships!"
Chris: "With a stacked team!!"

The conversation evolves when Rob Parker begins to take a few shots at Steph Curry. Chris responds by saying that Curry is now in the conversation for best in the NBA saying:

Chris Broussard: "Steph is actually pushing for top 10 all-time. And I think It's an open conversation between Steph and KD! YEAH, I SAID IT! What does KD have over Steph outside of size?
Rob Parker: "He makes bigger shots in bigger moments!!"

Watch the full debate above!