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Urban Meyer Has Never Been Given a Fair Shot By the Media in the NFL

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the reported leaks from the Jacksonville Jaguars organization, detailing 'tension' between Urban Meyer and his players and staff.

Brady Quinn: "What I hate about this is two things. The media never gave him a chance, and then now you've got coaches trying to go for a life vest and they're trying to jump off this ship, and they're trying to save themselves, and that's how this stuff gets leaked out like that. That's why you're hearing about it right now."
LaVar Arrington: "In college ball, they would sit in that team meeting room, lock the doors, "These are all the people that were in here when this was said. We're not leaving here until we know who [leaked] it.'... Once you get to the pros, you don't have that type of control. You can't control the players that way, the coaches or other staff members, you can't control what they do or what they say, because it's the pro level. Now, they have a voice just like you have a voice. They make more money than you make. They have more influence than you have most of the time, so you can't approach it that way. Where we stand right now is, Urban Meyer is at a crossroads of sorts already in his early career as a head coach in the pros, and that is understanding the rules of engagement of how people will use self preservation in the best interest of their own agendas."
Jonas Knox: "Part of this that bothers me is that we're not adding context to this. Here's what I think happened..."