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Travis Hunter Is Making a Bad Decision

Photo: Marcus Ingram

Top football prospect Travis Hunter bucked the trend in college football by committing to Deion Sanders and Jackson State. Many are applauding his decision to play for a HBCU but Doug Gottlieb isn’t convinced that he is doing the right thing. Deion Sanders may be a good coach and it is definitely a feel good story, but Hunter won’t have the support nor the exposure that he would have enjoyed at a top tier Division 1 school. Additionally, if Sanders does have success at Jackson State, he is sure to head for greener pastures and more money, leaving Hunter out in the cold.

Doug Gottlieb: “The reality is; the first time Deion (Sanders) gets offered a job he likes, he gone...We’re making it about the wrong things, and this is the wrong choice because of the lack of safety net it provides and the lack of support that he will likely endure.”