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Blame the Buccaneers and Tom Brady for Antonio Brown's Meltdown

Photo: Elsa

Dan Beyer: "Bruce Arians was part of the problem here. Tom Brady is part of the problem. The Buccaneers are part of the problem. The only people that actually altered their way of thinking about Antonio Brown were Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Buccaneers. Antonio Brown has been the only one who has been absolutely consistent with his actions throughout. There may have been some good times, but you know there were some bad times. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 8 times, shame on me. Shame on the Buccaneers for thinking he would change."

Dan Beyer reacts to Antonio Brown dramatically leaving the Buccaneers mid-game in their win over the Jets. Dan believes the Buccaneers got exactly what was coming to them with their investment in Antonio Brown. Dan blames the Buccaneers organization, Bruce Arians, and Tom Brady for contributing to Brown's eventual implosion. Dan breaks down Arians' and Brady's responses to the media when first addressing Brown's exit.