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The Big Apple Is Not Ripe for Russell Wilson

No Big Apple for Russell Wilson

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Dan squashes the idea that the New York Giants could be a landing spot for Russell Wilson. According to Dan, the Big Apple is just not realistic, as the New York Giants clearly need to tear it down and enter into a rebuild mode. Dan also offers up a landing spot that actually makes sense for an MVP level quarterback who clearly has something left in the tank.

Dan Patrick: “I’ve said before how I think this scenario ends. Unless something happens where Pete Carroll steps down, I still think you’ll have a Matthew Stafford type situation... Would New Orleans be the team? Would it be the Giants? I don’t get the Giants as much because you’re going to get rid of your GM, you’re probably not going to re-sign your running back. Are you sold on everyone else you have? You don’t rebuild. But, the Giants need to rebuild. Tom Brady didn’t go to a rebuild. Brady went to a team that’s already good, and he made them great. Cleveland to me would be an ideal spot for Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson because it feels like you have weapons there..."