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Aaron Rodgers Firing Back at Hub Arkush was Stupid

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Jason Smith: "This is one of those cases where you have to let this go. You don't punch down in a fight, and that's exactly what Aaron Rodgers did. No one knew who Hub Arkush was. Why are you going after a voter? He's one guy, voting for you for the the MVP or not. I know Aaron Rodgers loves the sound of his own voice, but this is where you have to realize 'what's my win here?' Why do you elevate him and make him into a story? What you do is you say something funny, you dismiss it, and you move on."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Aaron Rodgers responding to MVP-voter Hub Arkush stating that he will not vote cast his vote for Aaron Rodgers because he's a "jerk." Jason believes Rodgers' insistence on ripping Arkush is petty and unnecessary, and he would have better been served to brush it off and be the bigger person.