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Baker Mayfield Is Playing With Fire

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Brady Quinn: "What happens if Deshaun Watson says, 'You know what? Cleveland's a team I wanna go to.' Okay. Cleveland would easily say 'okay, let's move on. Baker, you wanna go down to Houston? We'll send you to Houston.' I think Baker is playing with fire, because he thinks that maybe the grass will be greener, or you'll be traded to a scenario with a more talented roster, good luck with that. Good luck trying to find Jarvis Landry somewhere else."

Listen to Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn, and LaVar Arrington talk about Baker Mayfield's late night news drop about his unhappiness with the way the Browns used and treated him this season, and why he needs to be careful if he's trying to play with fire the way he is.