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Jay Glazer: "Antonio Brown, I Would Love To Help You"


Jay Glazer: "Even after all of this, Bruce (Arians) said 'can you help him?' And I said 'man, I hope I can.' So AB, I would love to help you. Everyone out there who is listening, if you're going through some stuff, talk to your friends about it, and it will bring you closer together. I'm not promising you that the darkness will go away, but I am promising you that it will bring you closer together and you won't have to walk this walk alone and suffer by yourself in silence. Brown has to see his own end to this in a bigger way. It's got to be more on him. When he takes all of the responsibility on himself, others will be even more sympathetic. But it's scary to think that I can pull my skin back and show people how messed up I am, and that they'll still actually like me or love me or admire me. AB needs to feel the pain that he caused to other people and get the help because he deserves the help. The bottom line here is, even after all of this, he deserves to get that help, so we've got to be the ones to come from the inside out for that help."

FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer joins The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon. Glazer gives deep insight on the separation between Antonio Brown and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and shares moments of his personal conversations with Bruce Arians on how the Bucs handled the situation. Glazer shares his experiences and struggles with his own mental health and sheds light on how he and others could potentially help Antonio Brown in this time of crisis.