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LeBron James Jumped The Gun Again

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: "Nobody in the real world is really all that bothered, because most people are like 'oh, that sucks, you made a mistake'. But when LeBron has 50 million followers, and he makes you out to be some guy who's totally you really think that if his dad mistakenly killed a 14 year old girl, he's gonna bring it up when the son hits a game winning jumper? Really? I think LeBron has way too much influence."

After a Washington Wizards broadcaster made what appeared to be an insensitive statement last night regarding Rockets SG Kevin Porter Jr, Lakers superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain how LeBron James is once again rushing to incite the Twitter mob before letting everything play out.