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Baker Mayfield is Missing the Bigger Picture

Photo: Justin Berl

Dan Patrick: "Baker Mayfield doesn't have leverage here, where you can say 'if certain demands are not met, then I want to be traded.' There's a disconnect between coach and quarterback, I think everybody can agree on that. But I'm not going to question Mary Kay Cabot, because she's not a hot-take person. But Baker has to blame somebody here. All he has to say is 'I want to stay here, I have no issues whatsoever with anybody.' If you're going to come after Mary Kay Cabot, you're kind of missing the bigger picture here. Who is saying this? Why are they saying this? And is it actually true, that you do have demands, and you want certain requirements met? Whatever it is, play calling has been a big issue there, and will continue to be a big issue because the same coach is there."

Dan Patrick reacts to Baker Mayfield lashing out at Cleveland media for recent rumors regarding his happiness with the current Browns management. Dan believes Mayfield is ignoring the bigger picture, only looking at the surface level of the initial report, and not asking why these rumors are being spread to the media, regardless of whether or not they are accurate.