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Lamar Jackson's Future with the Ravens is Less Certain Than You Think

Photo: Joe Sargent

Doug Gottleib: "I wonder what the Ravens' future with Lamar Jackson looks like. Because John Harbaugh, by his words, seems to be completely in. The front office, by their words, seem to be completely in. But wouldn't this be doubling down on a guy who, though is a complete freak talent and by all accounts is the leader of that franchise, isn't he hurt? Plus, running quarterbacks get hurt more often and eventually lose that step and now they get hit more often. And you've used all your resources to put a great offense around him and you haven't gotten better output. Isn't there that same ceiling that sits there as there is for Jimmy G?"

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news that Lamar Jackson will miss the Ravens' season finale against the Steelers due to injury. Doug analyzes Jackson's season and explains why his performance has been underwhelming given the amount of talent around him. Doug reflects on 2 consecutive injury-riddled seasons for the former MVP and explains why Jackson may be more similar to the likes of Jimmy Garoppolo than the Ravens would like to admit, meaning that the franchise might be inclined to look elsewhere rather than offering an extension to Jackson this offseason.