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RJ's Best Bet: Total of the Year

Photo: Andy Lyons

RJ: "We got some database trends that say this is a situation that tends to go over, but in general it's usually with a team that doesn't have obvious motivation. If they don't it usually shows on the defensive side. So best bet is over..."
AJ: "The Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5 against the Baltimore Ravens. This is a rivalry that produces a lot of close games and I don't think it's gonna be any different. The Ravens have only been playing close games anyway, 5 straight losses 4 of those have been by a total of 5 points."

On this episode of Straight Outta Vegas, RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman give their best bets! The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game - Does Big Ben Roethlisberger back off against the Ravens? The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns - is there any motivation for either team since one has clinched and the other has been eliminated?