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Former NFL Pros Rip Bruce Arians For Mishandling Antonio Brown's Injury

Photo: Elsa

Plaxico Burress: "I talked to AB yesterday, and I just spoke to him 30 minutes ago. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Bruce Arians. He was my position coach in Pittsburgh. I know him personally, and I know how hard it is to play for him. He's an alpha-type mentality for a coach. What bothered me the most about the whole situation is that he can sit behind a microphone and tell the public that he didn't know Antonio Brown was injured. That's a bunch of baloney. If you get an MRI during the week, the training staff and doctors report directly to the head coach. He knew that man was injured before he stepped on the football field. His deltoid is torn off the bone which needs surgery. The MRI tells you that. We know the protocols for NFL players as far as injuries are concerned. The head coach is notified first."

LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress react to the drama surrounding Antonio Brown. Plaxico shares that he spoke with Brown multiple times in the last few days, and rips Bruce Arians for providing misleading information on how the team handled Brown's injury.

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