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Odds of A Tie Saw Crazy Movement Leading Up to Raiders vs Chargers Game

Photo: Chris Unger

On today’s “Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell,” RJ and AJ Hoffman discuss the wild end to the Chargers vs Raiders game on Sunday Night Football. Had both teams tied, they would’ve made the playoffs and the Steelers would be eliminated. Because of this, the line of a tie shifted like crazy throughout the day!

RJ Bell: “There was only one tie this season, which coincidentally was a game involving Pittsburgh, out of 272 games this year. Typically, in Vegas, you can bet any game, and the standard bet for a game ending in a tie is 150-1. The day before the game before the Chargers game against the Raiders, the odds of a tie was down to 60-1. By the time the Colts lost against the Jaguars, the odds for this game to end in a tie were all the way down to 9-1, which is movement that’s unheard of.”