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Quarterbacks are Getting Head Coaches Fired

Photo: Cliff Hawkins

Doug Gottlieb: "We can search for all different reasons, and I think it's a personality conflict between Chris Grier and Brian Flores, and I think that Brian Flores' lack of buy-in into Tua Tagovailoa is it. Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. That's why they're looking for new coaches."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the latest round of firings in the NFL. Doug focuses on Brian Flores getting fired from his job in Miami and compares it to what happened with Vic Fangio in Denver. He breaks down why their shortcomings came down to their issues at quarterback, as Flores' treatment of Tua Tagovailoa differed too heavily from what the team's front office wanted to do, creating an unwinnable situation for Flores in Miami.