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The Odd Couple: Brandon Staley Should Be Fired For Costly Decision Making


Chris Broussard: “Neither of us agree that they should have intentionally played for a tie. But the situation they found themselves in, that was the best option available. Even Rich Bisaccia admitted that late in that game, they thought about kneeing it and calling it a draw. But when Staley called that timeout late, that changed everything. Doing that convinced the Raiders to go for the win, rather than take the tie, and evidently, the Chargers only screwed themselves.”
Rob Parker: “I think Brandon Staley should have been fired today. He cost the Chargers their season, and not just in this game. He left points on the field in the Chiefs game that would’ve won them the game, the team wasn’t prepared and got blown out against the Texans in a must win game. He wants to be this ‘boy genius’ and everyone calls him this ‘wonder kid,’ but in reality he’s in over his head. The Chargers are going home, not because of Justin Herbert, not because of the running game, not because of the defense, but because of Brandon Staley.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker give their take on the Chargers’ loss to the Raiders in a do-or-die season finale. Rob believes that Brandon Staley should be fired for his antics of calling a timeout late in overtime, and going for it on 4th down in his own territory in the 3rd quarter. Listen to hear The Odd Couple’s fiery reaction.