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Bill Belichick's Coaching Tree Is Firewood

Bill Belichick's Coaching-Tree Cut Down

Photo: Getty Images North America

On Today's Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, the guys react to another Bill Belichick disciple getting the boot as the New York Giants released Joe Judge. The guys also discuss other coaches under Bill's tree who have failed.

Rob Parker: "Joe Judge is another one of these Bill Belichick disciples. Can we stop with the disciples!? When will people learn Chris? Bill Belichick's coaching tree is dead! It's firewood! Come on guys, stop it! It's like the Sean McVay, anybody who had a cup of coffee and sweet roll they were giving a job to. These guys think they're Bill Belichick....I'm done with the Belichick stuff.

Chris Broussard: "For those who think Rob might be hating, he's not. This is just fact."

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