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Brent Musburger Talks Bengals Matchup and Raiders Eliminating the Chargers

Photo: Ethan Miller

Brent Musburger: "I honestly blame Brandon Staley for going for it on fourth down back on his own 18-yard line. That was completely arrogant. I understand analytics but you don't win games with analytics, you win with human beings. You had the better football team, I don't think it's any question that man-for-man, the Chargers had better talent down the line. So you go ahead and punt in that situation. I thought that was the biggest mistake he made, not the timeout that everyone is talking about."

Raiders Radio Broadcaster Brent Musburger joins The Dan Patrick Show! Musburger explains why he believes the Raiders coaching staff truly did consider playing for a tie at the end of their win over the Chargers. Plus, Musburger looks ahead to the Raiders first round matchup with the Bengals.