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The Bill Belichick Coaching Tree is Officially Dead After Joe Judge Firing

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the New York Giants parting ways with head coach Joe Judge. This news came on the heels of their former GM David Gettleman's decision to retire from the position.

While Joe Judge may have some credentials in his own right, one of the main factors the consensus agrees on is that Judge was hired to be head coach due to being Bill Belichicks' former assistant coach. Many other coaches have secured big head coaching gigs from being associated with Belichick, but unfortunately, it hasn't been synonymous with success. Brian Flores is another coach who lost his job on black Monday who was also originally associated with the Bill Belichick coaching tree.

Rob Parker thinks it's time for NFL teams to acknowledge that if they're looking for coaches to carry their teams back to prominence, they're not going to find the answers in anybody associated with one of the winningest coaches in NFL history in Bill Belichick:

Rob Parker: "Joe Judge is another one of these Bill Belichick disciples. Can we stop with the disciples? When will people learn, Chris? Bill Belichick's coaching tree is dead; it's firewood! C'mon guys, STOP IT! It's like the Sean McVay. Everybody who had a cup of coffee and a sweet roll, they were giving a job to. Stop with Bill Belichick's disciples.

The Big Lead broke down how Bill Belichick's coaching tree has fared so far:

Joe Judge with the New York Giants: 10-23, inherited a 4-12 team
Brian Flores with the Miami Dolphins: 24-25, inherited 7-9 team
Matt Patricia with the Detroit Lions: 13-29-1, inherited 9-7 team
Bill O'Brien with the Houston Texans: 52-48, inherited 2-14 team
Jim Schwartz with the Detroit Lions: 29-51, inherited 0-16 team
Josh McDaniels with the Denver Broncos: 11-17, inherited 8-8 team
Romeo Crennel with the Cleveland Browns: 24-40, inherited 4-12 team; 4-15 with the Kansas City Chiefs; 4-8 with the Houston Texans
Eric Mangini with the New York Jets: 23-25, inherited 4-12 team; 10-22 with the Cleveland Browns, inherited 4-12 team
Nick Saban with the Miami Dolphins: 15-17, inherited 4-12 team
Al Groh with the New York Jets: 9-7, inherited 8-8 team
Cumulatively, the 10 carry a 228-339 record. That's a winning percentage of .402. They inherited squads that were 54-114 (.321), so at least there's that. Still, O'Brien went 2-4 in the playoffs, never reaching the conference championship. Mangini lost his singular appearance. So did Jim Schwartz. It's kind of remarkable that the sport's most accomplished winner has not spun off a successor capable of replicating even a whiff of the magic.