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Dwyane Wade Says Younger Generations Will Forget About Michael Jordan

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to an interview from Armchair Expert featuring NBA great Dwyane Wade where the former Miami Heat superstar declared that the memory of Michael Jordan could indeed fade over time:

I watch players play the game, and I’m like, ‘I thought I was good.’ They’re way better than me…I mean, of course, these GOATs, these names that we throw out, it’s not just going to be a lot of those players. But the game continues to keep moving forward, so we’re going to continue to see things we’ve never seen before. And the eyes are going to get younger and younger. We’re not going to be the ones having a conversation about the GOATs. Now, it’s going to be the younger, younger, younger generation, and they’re going to forget about Jordan the way we forget about Kareem.

While Wade's point seemed good-intentioned and based on the natural evolution of NBA players and the ever-evolving culture and conversation surrounding the game of basketball, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker can't get on board with a comment like that:

Chris Broussard: "I think Wade is off. I don't think we'll forget about Jordan. We have more video now. With Kareem, we don't have as much video. You can watch Jordan on Youtube, you can watch the highlights, you can watch his games and so it's much easier to remember the greatness of Michael Jordan. And with all due respect to Kareem and how great he was, Jordan's game was just so fantastic in terms of the way it looked. How pretty it was, how graceful it was, his moves, he did things literally that we had not seen before. So I think all those things work in Jordan's favor of why he won't be forgotten."
Rob Parker: "Dwyane Wade is 100% wrong. When you talk about the greatest who've ever played, It's hard to say you're gonna forget about a guy who won all six of his championships, who was 6-0 in the NBA Finals, who won all six MVPs. Those are things that people don't do."