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Joe Judge Was Not Ready for This Moment

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

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Dan Patrick: "This is why it's so difficult, when you're trying to bring in somebody, how do you handle the media? Football-wise he's okay, he's a positions coach, he's a special teams coach. He's not dealing with the media. Then we saw how he dealt with the media, he was a disaster. He's watched too many damn movies. He might be a successful coach one day, but you're representing the organization, you've got to be chill. Nobody knows Joe Judge. 'Hey, he was there with Belichick.' Great. This is like if anybody came in contact with Sean McVay, you'll hire them. Anybody who's worked with Bill Belichick, you'll hire them. Well, they're good with Belichick, but they haven't been good normally on their own. Joe Judge, to me, wasn't ready for that market."

Dan Patrick reacts to the New York Giants firing Head coach Joe Judge after 2 unsuccessful years on the job. Dan explains why Judge was hired on to a position that he was not fit or prepared for, giving Bill Belichick another weak branch to his coaching tree. Plus, Dan breaks down what role the Giants GM vacancy played into the decision, and why both of these openings may be attractive positions for candidates.