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No GM Wanted to be Forced to Take on Joe Judge

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins

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Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington discuss what likely went into the New York Giants decision to fire Joe Judge.

Brady Quinn: "I think that everyone else outside of them was telling them, you got to move on from this guy, a clean slate, this isn't how this work. If you want to hire a general manager first and give him the power, so be it, but you can't keep the head coach and let this guy be a lame duck for the next year. It never works well for any party involved."
Jonas Knox: "At some point the Giants probably looked around and said, yeah this didn't make sense. Nothing about this adds up and we just have to scrape it, turn it over and if that means Daniel Jones has to go, you're going to have a new GM, you're going to have a new coach, probably a new quarterback and then we move on from here."
LaVar Arrington: "Think back to your last game. Your last stand by Judge was, 'Boo me, I'm not crying any rivers. Boo me if we don't perform in this game. Boo me off the field if we don't do what we have to do on Sunday.' And they went out there and they lost 22-7 to Washington. I don't know that any reports came out that he was booed going off the field..."
Jonas Knox: "I don't think anyone was there."
LaVar Arrington: "But if there is one conclusion that you can draw from what took place when that game concluded, it's that there is no one in that locker room that supports Joe Judge."