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The Fatal Flaw of the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

Photo: Sarah Stier

Doug Gottlieb: "The Giants wanted the culture of the Patriots and took the word of Bill Belichick that Joe Judge could work. Joe Judge carried himself as if he was Bill Belichick, not realizing: one, there hadn't been a Parcells or any sort of culture established; two, you have a very different GM; three, Belichick had been a head coach in Cleveland and had likely learned from some of his mistakes; four, Belichick then wasn't Belichick now, and the snapshot of how you think Belichick acted, you can't act when you first get to a place. The same is true with Flores. Brian Flores is guilty of being a Patriot guy. Knowing that that way does, in fact, work. But you can be right, and you can be out of a job."

Doug Gottlieb dissects the Bill Belichick coaching tree, after yet another one of Belichick's past assistants loses their head coaching job after a short run, as Joe Judge gets fired after 2 seasons coaching the New York Giants. Doug looks at what happened with Judge, Brian Flores, Matt Patricia, and others, and explains what common thread led to their downfalls.