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The Lakers Experiment Is Done

The Lakers Experiment Is Not Working

Photo: Getty Images North America

On the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the guys react to another Lakers loss as the purple and gold fall to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night. The doomed narrative all season has been focused on the Russell Westbrook experiment, as the point guard continues to underwhelm on an average team at this point.

Jason Smith: "Everything is coming to a head tonight. We lost to the Kings. We chose Russell Westbrook over Hield, and Westbrook was terrible. And this is where you take a second and sigh, and say, 'alright this is just not working.' Unless they can get creative, this is just who the Lakers are. It's not ever going to work. This is just a lost cause."
Mike Harmon: "I think it's done. While you're not going rah-rah if you get to the playoffs, there certainly is some intrigue... Would I be excited thinking their going to go in and dominate a playoff series? No. But I would love to see the veterans in a series atmosphere."

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