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Everyone Has A Chance To Win On Wild Card Weekend

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: "You can't say somebody doesn't have a chance. Like, 'the Eagles don't have a chance against Tampa Bay'. They do have a chance, they're playing! You know the team that doesn't have a chance? The team that's not playing. The Cleveland Browns have no chance this weekend to win a game. Philadelphia didn't beat any good teams this year, but they're in the game. If it rains, they've got their running attack...maybe. The Pittsburgh Steelers, maybe! Now, it feels like no chance, but still...we go into this with 'they've got no chance'. How many times have we had to eat our words?"

As we get ready for Wild Card Weekend in the NFL, the takes and proclamations about who will win the games have been flying. Listen to Dan Patrick explain how you can't say that a team playing a game this weekend has no chance to win, with the Danette's coming up with some creative punishments for those who make such bold proclamations!