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Is an Upset Worse for the Rams or the Cowboys?

Photo: Harry how

Rob: "The Rams - their goal was to make the Super Bowl. They made the moves. Von Miller isn't getting any younger, wee don't know where OBJ is gonna be next year, and Matthew Stafford - if they lose - prove not to be the messiah. You start to get worried that if he's not the guy and you gave up all that you gave up, is it a guarantee that you're gonna be there again?"
Chris: "I agree with you, but I will say it will seem worse for the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones. He's already come out and said, 'It's Super Bowl or bust for us.' Jerry's gonna cause drama, so it's gonna seem like the sky is falling."

On this episode of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker...agree?! They both agree that it would be worse for the Los Angeles Rams if they were to lose first round of the NFL Playoffs, but what about America's Team - the Dallas Cowboys? Don't they have as much on the line as the Rams? Do you agree with The Odd Couple? Tune in to find out!