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The Only Thing Surprising About the Cowboys Loss Was the Way it Happened

Photo: Tom Pennington

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Dan and the Danettes react to the Dallas Cowboys’ frenzied Wild Card defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is getting bailed out of a poor performance because of the final play of the game. Dan isn’t surprised by the outcome of the game, and believes the Cowboys didn't understand protocol for proper execution of the final play.

Dan Patrick:Dak Prescott is getting bailed out for having a terrible game because of that last call. I don’t have a problem with the call, but you can’t tell me that you practice that. Dak wants to get it in to an area where he can throw a pass and not a jump ball. Now, the 49ers are covering the sidelines and he goes up the middle. Okay, but you can’t tell me you practice the play if you don’t know what protocol is! The line judge is trying to get to the ball, you give it to your can’t tell me you practice that!We are not surprised that Dallas lost this game. The way they did, we’re surprised.