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The Frank Vogel Watch Continues

Photo: Harry How

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to face the Indiana Pacers and it appears Frank Vogel’s job is still on the line. Dan thinks it makes a great headline to hype tonight’s game, but it’s probably unfair to Frank Vogel. It’s not like Vogel is on the same level as guys like Red Auerbach or Phil Jackson, but even they would have trouble getting consistent wins from this roster. It’s like giving your gourmet chef some SPAM and expecting a culinary’s just not going to happen.

Dan Patrick: “Is Frank Vogel once again coaching for his future tonight against the Pacers? That’s a tune-in factor, ‘Hey, tune-in and see if Frank Vogel gets through the game without getting fired here! Can’t wait for the postgame news conference...’ I’m guessing he’s still coaching for his job tonight against the Pacers. And then you got a long road trip coming up. If you’re going to fire him, fire him. I mean, he’s not Red Auerbach here. He’s not Gregg Popovich, he’s not Phil Jackson here, but be fair to him...I could have the greatest chef in the world and if I give him SPAM, and I go, ‘Hey, can you create a masterpiece here?’ The Lakers are SPAM! You know, serviceable, you can dress it up a little bit (but) it’s still SPAM.”