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Lakers Are In Danger of Wasting LeBron James' Remaining Years in LA

In the video above, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to more drama within the Lakers as they suffer a loss to the Indiana Pacers. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel made the controversial decision to sit Russell Westbrook in a crucial part of the game. A decision that Vogel reportedly needed permission to execute despite being in the most suitable position to make that call. This latest loss leads into a challenging stack of games for the Lakers and adds more fuel to the hot seat Vogel currently sits on. Vogel stood his ground on his decision to sit Westbrook saying, "Playing the guys that I thought were going to win the game."

With the Lakers in a major slump this season, Rob Parker tells Chris Broussard how the remaining years in LeBron James from a contract and health standpoint are at an extreme minimum and thinks the Lakers are wasting what years he has left to play at this level:

"I'm glad the Lakers took the kid gloves off but they have no choice. You cannot waste LeBron's 19th and 20th years and go like, 'Oh well, we'll just scrap the year.' It's not working! You're not winning! You're not gonna win anything acting like nothing's happening here. So if we've seen LeBron trade off all the young pieces here, do all the other moves, you remember in Cleveland at the trade deadline he traded half the team...As long as you have LeBron, you're always trying to spin it to give him a chance. This is year 19! You can't take a mulligan. You can't punt. The Lakers can't punt with LeBron."